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Excellent and fast service

Sep 06, 2018 by Dylan
Country: Singapore • 
Service Type: Tickets Purchase 

Balloted for a ticket for an artiste I am a huge fan of, but found out payment was through in-person at a convenience store. Bridge.Jpn was able to provide a reply within a day of my inquiry and assisted with my payment within a limited time frame.

Will Definitely Use Again

Sep 05, 2018 by Theresa
Country: United States • 
Service Type: Special Request 

I had a special request that no other site seemed to provide- which was going to a physical store to get an exclusive store only item. Not only were they willing to do it, but had amazing communication, and even considered better options for me so it would be more convenient. It saved me a lot of stress and potential heartache, and I am wholly satisfied. Will definitely use for any proxy purchasing and any special request orders again, no question about it.

To recommend +++

Sep 04, 2018 by FLALLO
Country: France • 
Service Type: Tickets Purchase 

We Hightly recommend Bridge Japan! Very happy with their services, they are fast,efficient and very nice to talk to.
We needed Sumo tournament tickets but everything was sold out. They managed to get 2tickets for us with affordable prices.
Thanks again!


Sep 03, 2018 by Emma
Country: United States • 
Service Type: Tickets Purchase 

Bridge was very helpful in entering me into lotteries and eventually getting me a concert ticket. They were very professional and communicative throughout the process, and did not charge exorbitant fees like many similar services do. Would definitely use again. Thank you!

Excellent service and reliability!

Sep 01, 2018 by Rose
Country: USA • 
Service Type: Payments 

I needed help making a payment for winning cafe tickets through a lottery, and Bridge answered my request for help very quickly! They helped me figure out exactly what to do, and made the payment I needed without problem. I am so grateful!

Great service!

Aug 24, 2018 by Jerico
Country: United States • 
Service Type: Online Shopping 

Fast and excellent service. Courteous too! Will use them for anything I would need to proxy for!

Fantastic Service!

Aug 20, 2018 by Lindsay
Country: USA • 
Service Type: Tickets Purchase 

My favorite band announced tour dates in Japan and I waited patiently for tickets to go on sale; unfortunately, I didn't understand how ticketing works in Japan and realized I wouldn't be able to get tickets without a Japanese mobile number. Bridge to the rescue! Their pricing is very reasonable and communication was timely and kind. My tickets arrived in the mail and I couldn't be happier :) Would recommend Bridge to anyone! Thank you!

great trustworthy service

Aug 16, 2018 by fiona sennett
Country: Australia • 
Service Type: Tickets Purchase 

I recently was looking at buying some concert tickets in Osaka. I contacted another provider who told me he would email me the tickets and that an email was all that was required. I thought this wasn't the case and I would need a paper ticket. I contacted Bridge - the service was flawless - an invoice within 24 hours. Confirmation within a few hours after that and my tickets arrived by express secure post within a week. Really great trustworthy service. I feel very comfortable recommending Bridge and would have no hesitation using them again.

Happy First-Time Customer

Aug 13, 2018 by Daniel Spung
Country: United States • 
Service Type: Tickets Purchase 

So, it turns out buying concert tickets in Japan isn't the easiest thing in the world. Bridge made the whole process effortless, and they were always very helpful in answering my questions. Due to the delay in communication between the U.S. and Japan, it took several days to iron all the details out before they could send me an invoice. Even so, they had entered the ticket lottery before I even sent payment, just to make sure I got in. I really appreciated that. They communicated with me really well during the whole process, and always kept me updated on the status of my tickets. On top of everything, the total cost was roughly the same, if not less, than going to an average show here in the states, and much less than some of the other services I'd found. Delivery was also quick; I received my tickets a little over a week after they were shipped out. I definitely look forward to using Bridge again! Thank you!

Concert Tickets

Aug 09, 2018 by J
Country: UK • 
Service Type: Tickets Purchase 

I contacted Bridge about a concert ticket and they quickly responded to my enquiry. Their replies were always polite and prompt, communication wasn't an issue, and the process of buying the ticket was actually far easier than I expected. After a few emails back and forth the ticket was mine, and before I knew it it had also arrived on my doorstep. Seriously, the shipping from Japan to the UK took just 3 days!

I can say with some certainty I will be using their service again, for wrestling or concert tickets. Everything went perfectly.

Many thanks!

Bridge.jpn , Japan 5.0 5.0 581 581 Balloted for a ticket for an artiste I am a huge fan of, but found out payment was through in-person at a convenience store. Bridge.Jpn was able to provide a reply within a day of