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Package Forwarding

Buy your own items and forward to our address.

Who might find this service is useful

  • For customers who are currently residing overseas, but would like to make online purchases from Japan online shopping sites. Since most sites does not handle international shipment, therefore you need help in accepting the goods that you had ordered and have them forward to your current location.


#1Contact us on all information of the items that you want to make purchase Before Ordering.
(Note: 1. Total number of items, 2. URL of each item, 3. Quantity 4. Shipping methods of your preference)

Note:- All items you intend to buy from any of the shops must be reported before purchase. If this rule is NOT FOLLOWED, we will not ACCEPT THEM even when they reached our company.

#2Consolidate and pack into one (depending on request), weigh and calculate the total shipping cost of your package. Inform customer about their parcel arrival and total shipping cost via mail.
(Note: shipping cost varies depending on your choice of shipping methods)
#3Make payment and inform Bridge.jpn.
#4Proceed to ship out immediately, upon confirmation of payment.


Handling rates International shipping rates reference

Agent Fees Reference

WeightAgent Fees (shipping)
~1.0kg400 yen
1.0~3.0kg800 yen
3.0~5.0kg1,400 yen
5.0~8.0kg1,700 yen
8.0kg~10.0kg1,900 yen
  • A 4% processing fees is incurred for credit cards and paypal. It will be calculated and added into shipping cost payment.
  • Consolidation and packing will be maximum of 10kg per box. Items more than 10kg will be divided and packed into separate boxes.
  • Extra packing cost might be incurred if the condition of the goods that reached our site is not suitable for international shipment.
  • Basically, we will open up all packages for visual inspection to ensure that goods that reached our company are not damaged or in bad shape. Customers who do not want their package to go through the visual inspection should inform us in their mail.