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Special Requests

Anything that doesn’t fall under listed 1 ~ 4 services, will be our special requests.

Eg1: Helping to source for a particular product that customers have in mind, Japanese idol groups, fanclub subscriptions, etc.

Eg2: Buy pre-paid cards (V purika etc), help with convenient store payments, buy Midis or Scores from Printgakufu.

Who might find this service is useful

  • Those who are looking for some special gifts, cultural goods (eg. cosplay costumes, anime, character goods like Hello Kitty, etc)
  • You are searching for a typical popular (eg.yukata, japanese dolls, souvenirs, etc.)
  • You want to subscribe to some sites.


#1Contact us on the details about the items that you would like to purchase.
(Note: 1. Item name, 2. Brief description of items you are searching for, 3. Budget)
#2Search and mail information about the products including the price to customer. (Propose a few if there is any)
#3Feedback if they want to proceed with the buying (Note: Indicate choice of shipping method and item choice).
#4Calculate the total cost of the merchandises + estimated shipping cost and mail to customer if they want the items.
(Note: Shipping cost will be an estimated one for your reference at first, because we can’t know the weight until all items are packed and weighed. However, we will try our best to be as precise as possible).
#5Make first payment:for the total product cost calculated (excluding shipping cost).
#6Proceed with customer’s purchase request, consolidate, pack and weigh. Calculate the total shipping cost and inform to customer.
#7Make second payment: on the total shipping cost and inform Bridge.jpn.
#8Proceed to ship out the parcels immediately upon confirmation of payment.


Handling rates International shipping rates reference

Agent Fees Reference

Agent Fees
Product HandlingShipping Handling
15% of product price (min 1000 yen)~0.5kg250 yen
0.5~1.0kg400 yen
1.0~2.0kg600 yen
2.0~3.0kg800 yen
3.0~4.0kg1,200 yen
4.0~5.0kg1,400 yen
5.0~8.0kg1,700 yen
8.0kg~10.0kg1,900 yen
  • A 4% processing fees is incurred for credit cards and paypal. It will be calculated and added into shipping cost payment.
  • Consolidation and packing will be maximum of 10kg per box. Items more than 10kg will be divided and packed into separate boxes.