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Japanese Merchandises to your Doorstep

There are many interesting or “kawaii” Japanese products that you might come across in Japanese magazines, Japanese online sites. But setback arises when trying to purchase these products due to the obstacles of language barrier, credit card issues or the shops does not ship internationally.

Bridge.jpn is a shopping agent in Japan. We bring you Japan shopping services by helping you to purchase from Japan online stores or in store purchases and have them delivered overseas to you. Just tell us information of the goods that you are looking for and we will handle the rest.

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Our Services

Online Shopping


Support customers to make purchases from any Japanese online sites.

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Shop For You


Heading down to the physical stores to buy the items.

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Tickets purchases


Package Forwarding


Buy your own items and forward to our address.

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Special Requests


Anything that doesn’t fall under listed 1 ~ 4 services, will be our special requests.

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Recent Reviews

Superb service - A must for hopeful Ghibli-travelers!

May 19, 2019 by Essi

I didn't manage to buy tickets for the Ghibli museum as they sold out immediately for all of June. I ...

Highly recommended for concert tickets!

May 18, 2019 by VR

A month ago, I saw that one of my favorite musical artists, Yuki Kajiura, would be holding a concert ...

Great service

May 17, 2019 by Svetlana

I did not manage to buy Ghibli museum tickets through the official Lawson website for April 2019 and ...

Bridge.jpn , Japan 5.0 5.0 656 656 I didn't manage to buy tickets for the Ghibli museum as they sold out immediately for all of June. I turned to Bridge.jpn for assistance to get two tickets for early June (right af
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